Awe-inspiring 2021

I and my sister wishing you an awesome year ahead

As we begin a journey to 2021, I want to thank all of you, my readers as well ones who glean through these blogs once in a while. It is so much important to take time to communicate with each other, and which year could be better than with a pandemic when all wants to be connected and have a safe refuge.

I just wanna say that the door of possibilities is great and renowned. As time and the tide has turned the page, I am thankful to God to make it this far. Few specific mentions would make this small welcome note to our journey together great.

I. I need the hand of my God and my Savior Jesus Christ to a meaningful year ahead. II. The journey of this year looks great when I have a purpose in direction. Being a writer and being able to express thoughts well, is nothing short of a privilege. III. Mention of family and friends around make this stronger and much better. A helping is better than going in despair while nobody to call upon. IV. A workplace or a place of study is very important too.

In a world full of new technologies and screen time-sharing, it becomes even more imminent that I should thank everyone for taking the time to read. Also, it is important too to reflect upon the things we learn on a day-to-day basis and keep a track of our progress.

Life of Love

On this night, in visible sight
I receive a valuable recompense
As thoughts just swung across
All the anxiety died down with the wave
I shall stay by the riverside
Green pasture in the countryside
Where hillocks embracing it all.

Waking up to a starry sky
Looming dark with the moon’s phases
Changing color at night
And the nightingale just found its voice
Orchestic music all around
The wind blows, water moves,
Over the meadows of my mind
A path across my heart
A companion waiting for me
Through all the seasons of life
Gratitude is in mind
All through the time
Life of Love, through it all.

I shall stay

Knowing the meaning and to be known,
Only when I see through it,
Worth of this far-reaching the sight,
beyond any imagination of glimpse.

How I wonder every single day,
A purpose is being fulfilled,
More from it to know,
I reckon to stop for a while and then go.

Mountain tops to valleys deep,
Seas and oceans, all the living things,
Make me wonder as I gaze deeper,
How this Earth does work?

Flora and fauna and thousands more to count,
Diversified world, not just physical alone,
A purer self of it is in the meaning,
Existed before anyone could comprehend.

Hence I know, I wonder at the gates,
As a sojourner, I journey through it,
Meeting others while passing by day to day,
Only to say, for a moment I shall Stay.

An Uncanny Thought

When I go searching for words
Some uneven quarks came to my mind
I try to scribble them down
Before boredom has shown its crown.

I do not know a set pattern
A theme to follow expressing their form
Yet, I know, few words to spare
A poem can flow from eastward there.

An uncanny thought around my mind
Giving me some stellar insights
Somewhere near the amygdala
It explores rather an anonymous form.

I tried adding some combination
When I sat there without a plan
A small click may hit the deck
Help me find a topic and a plan.

The south end of that thought
Held my nerves and pinched a bit
I crammed under it and turned around
Without knowing what happened on a flaccid ground?

Well, I said, this must be it
An epiphany while my eyes widened
I gulped a surprise rolling my tongue
Yet to know how crucial that thought was.

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