Things that come together
Children’s first walk feels like a reel
When the tidy workplace makes me dream
Wondering how far stretch I can imagine.

I appreciate the bits and pieces
That is a work in progress
For a collage so large
Which will fit my dream.

Working on this one project
This one purpose I am leaning in
Pressing forward embracing failures
Together forward with all drove in.

Wheels are rolling under my feet
Butterflies filling in the tummy
Excitement is in the air
Feeling the encouragement everywhere.

From a cricket match to a stellar show
From the ‘Formula One‘ to the ‘Tour de France
Cosmic playground to the Saharan beauty
Pleasant aroma slowly breathing in.

Angst and confusion getting undone
Molding a constructive model of power
With an exuberant acceleration
And a long-lasting plan.

It is courageous carrying the good
Mindful of the moments
This brings the good news
Gospel truth speaks forth it all.



There is something excellent about our memories, it is the epitome of knowledge that we hold in our life which takes us from the euphoric heights to the sorrowful lows. When someone says how much they love us, to winning a game and achieving something special, or even a dying man remembers when his mom told him, “Son, I love you and you’re the apple of my eye”. Whether we have done well, or just have some regrets. This is interesting, isn’t it, that we are so focused on our thoughtful memories throughout the day, and it keeps carrying us. Let’s discuss it in detail, while others are scrolling down their social media posts, let’s quickly read something that can help us balance well in life.

Memories of Playing Chess

Worth talking about something that has value. There are things we experience, and based on our memory we can judge things well. For example, would you like to dine in the finest hotel beside a large stinky sump? OR, you mind going to a small place where the aesthetic is simple and beautiful? After all, we all know what is good, just that thoughts of ours have to be stable enough to make the right decisions to chose that good and stay with it.

Enjoying a frozen treat in the form of ice-cream

Memories are precious, they start to form when we are in our mother’s womb. Thus, it become important for our mothers to be healthy, and the same health, the right balance of mental, physical, and emotional part of mother help the child grow.

In this memory series, let us look at memory in general.

Memory is the faculty by which our brain stores and remembers the information. In our human brain memories are stored in a fashionable way. The brain contains the nerve cells, these are the ones that can receive and send neural signals, through which our brain directs us to behave or do the works.

grayscale photography of man crouching in front of damaged piano
Vienna (Unsplash)

Memory scientifically is of two types, one is short-term memory and the other one is long-term memory. Short term memory is handled by the frontal part of the brain. Again, long-term memory is of two types; implicit memory and other one is explicit memory. When we have explicit memory, it is divided into the episodic (events happened to you) memory and the semantic (general knowledge) memory. Then comes the one which has motor neuron signals, which are learned behaviors, habits, and skills, these are implicit, divided into priming and procedural (motor) memory. In our brain, we have few specific parts which help in this whole process, the hippocampus, amygdala, neocortex, basal ganglia, cerebellum, and prefrontal cortex.

This series of photos shows the short term memory of walking by a road. Then a semantic memory of how evening traffic lit up in colors, also a memory of vising a park, and the episodic memory of visiting a theme park. A procedural memory of playing chess, and finally, the priming memory of perceiving the world.


Awe-inspiring 2021

I and my sister wishing you an awesome year ahead

As we begin a journey to 2021, I want to thank all of you, my readers as well ones who glean through these blogs once in a while. It is so much important to take time to communicate with each other, and which year could be better than with a pandemic when all wants to be connected and have a safe refuge.

I just wanna say that the door of possibilities is great and renowned. As time and the tide has turned the page, I am thankful to God to make it this far. Few specific mentions would make this small welcome note to our journey together great.

I. I need the hand of my God and my Savior Jesus Christ to a meaningful year ahead. II. The journey of this year looks great when I have a purpose in direction. Being a writer and being able to express thoughts well, is nothing short of a privilege. III. Mention of family and friends around make this stronger and much better. A helping is better than going in despair while nobody to call upon. IV. A workplace or a place of study is very important too.

In a world full of new technologies and screen time-sharing, it becomes even more imminent that I should thank everyone for taking the time to read. Also, it is important too to reflect upon the things we learn on a day-to-day basis and keep a track of our progress.

Just wanna live

Surface of a table and a chair

Just wanna seat back

Reckoning all that life is given

Furthermore looking for many more association

Such as close friends welcoming with an open door.

I wanna see human as we are

Out there in the world making peace

Living with a deep conviction of truth

Giving with a generous heart

All starting with myself, not you.

Because, all the more I find myself

Having a selfish ambition and a judgemental heart

Just want to get over it all

To love others, as I have been loved.

This measure is a divine favor

It come from God the Father alone

As He brings us into His open pasture

To live with conscious eternal purpose

Known, lived, and suurendering to Him alone.


We all desire to get a roof
Above our head for protection
Even a stranger, a beggar on the road
Is looking for a roof over them.

We see those strong and high beams
Ceilings above our heads
Structured and decorated
To look at the variety in place.

The same roof we see
It May seem to be closing us
Not necessarily the physical one
But in the mental path.

How often do we think?
In this world of possibilities
We have got a roof, which helps us
Which can further show us its limits.

We seem to be gotten it all right
All the passes are free
No entry point checks
What is this throwing in?

Having a strong measure to test
A roof above the rest
Searching for something
Strongly present and best.

Sometimes life is like
No strings attached relation
Yet walking alone at desperate times
Seems to have no room for emotional rest.

We have gotten too busy
Looking for the next update
Setting standards of no measure
Just looking for momentary success.

I call for an evaluation
To stop and express my hearty desire
To understand one’s identity
Supported by our roofs above.


Serene pastures beside the train
Just captured all of my life
Could not even blink my eyes
Fearing I might miss this sovereign sight.

A green carpet in rolled in nature
Here grows the herbs, shrubs, and trees
And the mountain kisses its base
Standing tall with those conifers evergreen.

I moved stealthily to not to disturb
The draft that the environment has set
On that morning march
On the way to the Swiss alps.

I just can’t think but write
How to express this awe-inspiring sight
Which frame to choose to fit it in?
Without having any thought to leave behind.

Nature and its course
Have many forms laid before
Even its blemishes enhance its beauty
From the outside to deep inside of us.

P.C. To dear sister Sushma Mahendrakar.

Grace and Truth

Grace mingles with truth
Refurbishes every corner of my life
Refreshes my soul letting go of all fears
Wholly surrendering all to You (Thee).

Never think of taking a vacation
From the grace that He provides
Which breathes in all creation
And my soul shall sing along.

Thus far I have come
Walking still on my path
Strengthening purpose owing my life
In the truth that matters is my delight.

I had some niggles
Some of my desires falling away
Just getting enough to hold on
Which would keep me going on His way.

High and dry I used to be
Now I understand His sustaining grace
Love that overflows in me
My identity is secure for Christ’s sake.

I pray for your soul as well
Get along the way He has for you
Competing with nobody as such
Just getting better with righteous virtues.

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