Things that come together
Children’s first walk feels like a reel
When the tidy workplace makes me dream
Wondering how far stretch I can imagine.

I appreciate the bits and pieces
That is a work in progress
For a collage so large
Which will fit my dream.

Working on this one project
This one purpose I am leaning in
Pressing forward embracing failures
Together forward with all drove in.

Wheels are rolling under my feet
Butterflies filling in the tummy
Excitement is in the air
Feeling the encouragement everywhere.

From a cricket match to a stellar show
From the ‘Formula One‘ to the ‘Tour de France
Cosmic playground to the Saharan beauty
Pleasant aroma slowly breathing in.

Angst and confusion getting undone
Molding a constructive model of power
With an exuberant acceleration
And a long-lasting plan.

It is courageous carrying the good
Mindful of the moments
This brings the good news
Gospel truth speaks forth it all.


Awe-inspiring 2021

I and my sister wishing you an awesome year ahead

As we begin a journey to 2021, I want to thank all of you, my readers as well ones who glean through these blogs once in a while. It is so much important to take time to communicate with each other, and which year could be better than with a pandemic when all wants to be connected and have a safe refuge.

I just wanna say that the door of possibilities is great and renowned. As time and the tide has turned the page, I am thankful to God to make it this far. Few specific mentions would make this small welcome note to our journey together great.

I. I need the hand of my God and my Savior Jesus Christ to a meaningful year ahead. II. The journey of this year looks great when I have a purpose in direction. Being a writer and being able to express thoughts well, is nothing short of a privilege. III. Mention of family and friends around make this stronger and much better. A helping is better than going in despair while nobody to call upon. IV. A workplace or a place of study is very important too.

In a world full of new technologies and screen time-sharing, it becomes even more imminent that I should thank everyone for taking the time to read. Also, it is important too to reflect upon the things we learn on a day-to-day basis and keep a track of our progress.

Sharing in Fellowship

An evening walk, which was followed up after church
Some nice fellows who love to hang around
A purpose of sharing Christ-like-ness and life experiences
Bringing a refreshment in life.

Oh! Joyous days I have received many
Eager to have more of such soul-fetching moments.
Where we catch a glimpse of hope
Maybe it helps somebody’s soul.

We come from various backgrounds
Surprisingly enough, some of our experiences
Become helpful for somebody else
While we serve other shoulders to shoulder.

This is a string that strips our pride and differences.
It reveals our true nature and a heart to sense love
This love is what God is and asks us to share
By caring and knowing one another.

Being there for them to lift them up
While being assured to fulfill our own purpose
A bigger picture in life to see beyond the hustle and bustle
Regards to all those whom we called family.

Joining in fellowship is very important
Often we need help yet we hesitate to ask
This is where a strong bond of love can penetrate
Amassing all that we care for that adds beauty to life.

Environment Day

Nature around us has so much to offer
Looking beyond my walking distance
I am gazing towards the horizon
I am awestruck as if transfixed
To find an evening with unique colors in the sky.

This environment is ever creative

Looking up to the hills, its beauty untamed
Even if unkempt its wild nature has a charm
I am in a chasm where the sky is apart
Why not touches these hills to set them apart
I have weird imaginations to keep me engaged.

Distance and Resonance

Interesting to find reflection on the water
That too in a place where lotus in plenty
I took some clicks to frame them
Cause this ever-changing nature will bring
Something different in different seasons.

A simple water pool decorated by nature


Roots are the stronghold for plants.

They grow towards gravity.

Sometimes we find those which are false roots.

Like one of these pink roots on a Sacred fig (Peepal tree).

Newly formed and growing to receive strength in them.

They try hard to grow, but, they do not become primary.

Yet, they do serve a purpose that this tree might be in need.

He is like a tree planted by streams of water that yields its fruit in its season, and its leaf does not wither. In all that he does, he prospers. Psalm 1:3.


To play the piccolo flute on C-sharp
It must be a seamless and sustained sound
And then to move higher on an Octave
Brings a symphony and completes a note.

Long been I have wondered about music and its form
How seamless it looks a player going through the chords
The awesome presence of skill and talents desired
Is an elaborative process than I thought it would be.

I am naturally curious to deep dive into the natural world
Knowledge all around, yet so detailed and ordered
Takes me further to listen to its symphony
To a world unseen for my senses.

A genteel voice guides me here
A void in my heart may be filled
Enriching my mind and fulfilling my heart
Is simply a way to perceive.

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