The lifelines blossomed in the year 2018 has embellished the way for the other seasons. Kudos to those who loved reading little and small blogs of mine. As a year rested with time I am more assured for the coming as well. The enormous time with its memories and its substances as change has left me more blessed.


Letting me forget those barren weeks and months I was non-productive in the past. When Apostle Paul writes in the New Testament that the vision and purpose are so strong that we are embracing even in the face of trials. In the book of Habakkuk 2:2 it says- when someone sees my God-given vision they will run with it. I would say that I have a similar experience which carried me forward to 2019. As I retrospect, 2018 was joyous, lovely, and graceful. My elder brother Sukomal got married, and my younger sister Antara joined me at Bangalore, India for her college studies to assimilate.

On the previous year, I have gotten an opportunity to serve at my local church where God has planted me. After joining Bethel A. G. International Worship Centre– Greeters team my life has gotten a new direction. A continual fellowship is very much real which is leading me to grow as a leader.

Greeters @Church

As I look at my career year 2018 was tipsy and curvy at the beginning when my old job was taking away my motivation and energy out of me. Then much of a help gotten me out and put me into a place where I am enjoying a fun and ambitious environment.

Birthday Celebration @office

Stories with friendship have taken a new turn in 2018. Every single bond is colored and in each one of my fellow mates, I see life bubbling and beauty shining through. Wish and desire of heart getting fulfilled.

Few things to finish this part with and declaring a way for more to come.

• Living a victorious life with the Author of life.

• Learning to love and to serve. The purpose of life with passion and desires.

• Shedding the old way to walk in faith and hope.

• Greater and better relationship growing strong.

• A family is really close and my roots are running deeper.

Thanks for every friend, colleague, follower, teacher, and well-wisher of mine. Let 2019 be triumphant in all your lives I wish and pray. Above all let love reign in our lives.

© Subimal Banerjee. All Rights Reserved.


The DD Hill Trip

In this beautiful world, a country called India is a blessed one with hills, valleys, river and lakes, seas and many more natural beauties. Somewhere in its southern part, we are living and not to mention the youth here have a unique trait. In the year 2017 when some of my friends decided to have an outing, it felt really exciting. Not so far from the city called Bangalore, we had been to a place called DevarayanDurga (DD) hills.

The essence of this trip was to sing and dance and be merry. To lose ourselves in worship and which would take our lives to a new level. Now let me walk you through the journey to understand what I meant and what had really occurred there. 

Coming to the context, introducing the champions. Chanchal, Anu, Hilda, Charles, David, Sherin, Isaiah, Ethan, and Subimal.

img_20171101_112325602-e1520358180506 (2)

A quick check on our inner being before and during this trip. We all are convinced of the fact that what has started at the Cross of Calvary will continue unto the day of his coming. This firm belief has come from a unique relationship with our Savior. True fellowship, which is a color of faith has captivated us to enhance our receptive hearts. Now we can envision our lives through Him.


From the very first hour of our journey, we did not have any delay. Everyone was in a state of alacrity. We wanted to advance peacefully on that day, and we had to make that trip short too.

Reaching the DD hill even a frail shelter was useful against the rain and windy clamor. After a brief period, amidst the fog and wind, there was a throng celebrating their states victory. Something which is regional in nature. There were two contrasting worldviews alongside the DD hill. One was praising the Almighty God in spirit and in truth and another one was down the hill shouting and cheering. “Colossians 3:16 verse says Let the word of Christ richly dwell within you, with all wisdom teaching and admonishing one another with psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with thankfulness in your hearts to God.”

Hills and mountains, lakeside or even the beautiful milieu of that day attested the beauty. Our appealing voices overshadowed that day by our passionate greetings. It was nourishing our characters. I can remember, Bishop T. D. Jakes, quoted saying “May the passion to be all that God wants you to be sweep across your soul like a gentle breeze.”

The worship and praise was a big delight. Hearty cheerfulness and the delightful lyrics were reverence to God. We never seemed to lose ourselves while keeping pace with the time.


Somewhere my heart understood that fellowship adds to gaining wisdom and knowledge about Christ-like character and potential to build oneself. Finally, Ephesians 3:20 says, “Now unto him, that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us”.


© Subimal Banerjee

All Rights Reserved.


Kudos to Women

Most of the days start pleasantly or fumbling for the snooze button. There is one thing, one dream or story that comes every morning, gives us joy, hope, love, and blessings. When I look out in the world, there would be some or the other woman walking around, talking, busy in daily chores, going to schools or colleges or even sipping from a coffee mug at her desk.

They are dreamers, makers (creators), caregivers, lovers, achievers, and most of all daughters in God’s hand. The Bible says, “She is more precious than rubies; nothing you desire can compare with her”, Proverbs 3:15.


They wear a smile every morning, value hope and faith from their core, embellished with grace, full of compassion and kindness, we call them by many names. They are created to be led by their hearts, they are women. “A beautiful woman delights the eye; a wise woman, the understanding; a pure one, the soul” – Minna Antrim.

Their appearances are no measure of their talents and abilities. In some areas we see their strong hands building a family, steering the control on an airplane or even treating the sick with tender care. Sometimes beyond our thoughts, they are fighting in Syria, Israel, or even for human rights as Malala Yousafzai.

However, we often hear in our society that women are no less than a man, they are equal. Well, we can argue with that, but the beauty is God has created man and woman unique and separately. We can admit their roles could be the same at times or different at other times in various facets of life; thus not worth putting them in comparison. The dignity, value, empowerment that women have is not separated from men and vice-versa.


As a person, my influences have been from my mother, Jyotsna Banerjee. As an author, I have my personal preferences, while it may vary from person to person and with all due respect, every woman is gracious.

In this world of culture, caste, creed, and race; women are standing tall with bravery and love. Among the Leaders and pioneers to name a few would be Melinda Gates, and Nita Ambani, empowering women around the world; Joni Eareckson Tada, is a quadriplegic putting values in other lives; Pastor Cynthia Johnson, and Naomi Zacharias, in ministry lifting others up; Monica McWilliams, a veteran in the women voters movement in Ireland; Sushma Swaraj, in politics supporting others, Mithali Raj, Mary Kom, and Kristin Armstrong, in the field of sports showing the world what determination and perseverance is; Liz Bohannon led by God transforming lives in Uganda.


Finally, the success of a woman as an individual or professional or even relational are attributed to their courage, having wisdom, intelligence, sensitivity while complemented by men. Once Albert Einstein said, “The women who follow the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. The woman who walks alone is likely to find herself in places no one has ever been before.”


I Am Grateful

Reflecting on 2017

I look forward to a life full of dreams, being a dreamer. The intent is to perceive it and comprehend the beauty. When I retrospect, a year full of teaching, building, reconstructing my identity. My faith-based journey dated back to 2013, where it took a turn where Christ becomes the center of it.

Every now and then I ponder upon the past memories and experience. A quest for truth and empowerment. My spiritual family has brought forth certain visible changes in me all along the way. Here I am standing on a promise and those beatitudes are getting shaped. Making a lot of moves where belief, faith, and trust are the core essence of it. Christ is replenishing the lost and the sins are eroding away while my life holds a lesson to others.

Let us concentrate on the things which make for harmony and the growth of our fellowship together.” Romans 14:19.

With good intention and prospects in my life, I would like to Thank God. In simple terms the heart of gratitude with the humility. I would give thanks to the church and my brothers and sisters in Christ. Lately, I am considering the most likely circumstances which God has allowed in my life. My hope ferries my belief in Him which is very rewarding.

Coming to the 10 points, I call this as Decapara:

Ø  The reformation of the mind and transformation of the heart from that of failure.

Ø Understanding the knowledge and using the wisdom while acknowledging Christ.

Ø  Revive in the spirit and renounce the Grace upon others.

Ø  Broken relationships, and made in Love new ones.

Ø  Gain with trust and enduring through the pain and suffering.

Ø  Promises from the word of God and His loving-kindness which I highly regard.

Ø  Learn and unlearn as a balancing act I need to understand. Here is how to maintain a healthy equilibrium while resting in Christ.

Ø  Grace and mercy bound with blessings and manifold love keeps the interplay in a loop.

Ø  A message of growing faith of sustainability with a purpose and a blessed hope.

Ø  Finally I remain with Him and He in me would be the word before my impulse soothes.

Life seems to me, not as a straight line. It is like a parabola where we try to fix the bolts and rivets and sometimes God says to remove it. He is the foundation and the body; I am fixing my eyes on Him and receiving it all from His throne room of grace.

Psalms 121:6 “Those who sow in tears will reap in joy”.

© Subimal Banerjee

As and When

Starting to come to this point, As and when I think, Just the blurred images blocks my view.

Carrying around the loss, I never looked across, The frontal mirror view.

But when I tried to retrospect, I felt a sense of rest, Just leaving behind the immediate.

Every now and then I speak, Some words are just bleak, Couldn’t find a sense to this line.

Then I came across, A mirror and a its loss, With all the beauty taken away.

Then I was awaken, To the beauty that left it, When I was out there at the cross.

I questioned what do you see in me? Do people really see, The beauty that each one has now?

May not be easy to cheer, Always loud and clear, People talking behind the bar.

Then came this night, Retro become introspection, The possibilities to improve rise.

With the purpose in heart, Mind looks for the mirror, Once again to see the confidence, As and when it come.

How this life I live, How I ignore the wrong, How much I could appreciate the good.

This goes on for more and more to come, Serene and new are the eyes, That can see the innocent one.

Why Paul is so relevant today?

Who is Paul? Paul is the character we see through the New Testament in the Bible. He is one of the most prominent writers of the books in the Bible, from the New Testament. He is one of the leaders for the Christians to follow in the first century after Jesus’ death and resurrection. He is from modern-day Turkey, then called Tarsus in Cilicia. He is a Jew by the origin and a Roman citizen by birth. Many historians throughout human history have researched about Paul and his prominence. They all have confirmed to the record given in the Holy Bible to be true.

Why Paul today? We see around us today that our leaders rise too high, integrity is less visible. I assume here that modern-day leaders are seekers of human appreciation. From the point of security to their accomplishments, they go after. I do not speak a lie or diminish their abilities; I make a point that how leaders ought to be. To whom we can follow and do better in our societies is something to we will see from Paul the apostle. Thus, I refer to Paul, a man of integrity, commitment and endurance with love.

History and the modern relevance: If you refer to the “Book of Acts” in the Bible, you will see this person’s historical adventure and the purpose that he served God through.

Paul, and his conversion, comes from the encounter that he had with Jesus while he was journeying to Damascus. His ministry was from God himself and he was an anointed man of God who preached the gospel throughout the first-century world. At one point of time when he went up to Jerusalem, he spoke in the Jews’ synagogue and reasoned with them about the hope and resurrection of the dead and the person Jesus Christ who promised it. There is this sect of priests among the Jew’s who did not really believe in him and started to persecute him. Yet, he was saved by a Roman centurion and bought to the barracks. (Ref: The book of Acts, chapter 22.)

His situation: Paul was in chains, jailed, suffered wrong for no fault of his, yet when he was set to speak, he did it with good cheer.

He was convinced in his heart after his encounter with Jesus and followed His commandments. He was free in his soul, although some governed had him in chains. He never uttered a wrong word or curse against anybody, even when he was imprisoned for more than two years. He had to give multiple defenses for himself and the hope he had in Christ.

His character is firm in the goodness of God. This is also spoken through all the prophets preceded in the Old Testament.

His circumstances during his ministry were gory, his own people did not listen to him and whenever he had to go and preach to the gentiles. He had seen rejection, violence and so much more. As our modern-day situations in the various parts of the world, rebellion, living life in their own way was the norm. With the short term analysis, we see that his heart was fixed in the word of God.

He never had to lie to escape from somewhere. He preached and defended his faith in Christ boldly, even when he was bound in chains. When his own people went against him, mocked, ridiculed and persecute him, he never considered them to curse or not to love.

His heart of love for people generated from the same love that Christ showed us through his suffering for humanity and dying in the cross.

He was even more cheerful through all that is bad happening to him. Yet hoped in God and continued to cheer others believers in Christ and build them as a leader.

The height of reality was very much confirmed in his belief and in the power and sovereignty of Christ.

What does Paul’s character offer to our new age and the generations to follow?

This article is © by Subimal Banerjee, Bangalore, India.

A Song of Grace

He is always and forever
A true divine being
Neither created nor caused
He was, He is, and He will be

He wakes me up
My rewind of forgetfulness
He changes forever
He is Jesus whom the world knows
But what I know is more than a mere name

Shadows hide behind
Darkness runs and flee from His presence
He is the new wine
Poured out in sacrifice

Suffice I say when I have a fill
Still He wants me to be filled again
As I joyfully proclaim
My cup runs over

Over the situations
Over the mourning
Over the doubt and
The barrier of sin

Calling on this name
Gives life, forgiving sins
Gives light, shadowing darkness
In the pale sky of the night
He shines brighter

So, let my faith stand
As my God speak life
I see myself revived
Restored in grace.

Preparation for now

For a good cooking recipe to come to a platter, it has to be prepared by a cook/chef who’s work take some considerable amount of time. That person has to spend time, talent, and the right ingredients he/she has to make sure are put into the dish. This sounds a lot, although necessary to help us enjoy and see the mouth-watering glory of our good Lord.

In the same manner, let me give you a glimpse of what I have learned in the past year that helps serve us throughout our life. What we have today is our time, talent as well as our treasure. All these things we use in different proportion in our day-to-day life to help serve ourselves as well as others. What we serve today does not depend on what others have, if others are giving in to my life or not. These valuable inputs come from the Lord and as the Bible says that God gives grace to everybody, thus we can’t say that we don’t have it. It may vary in its degree and we can see miracles happening.

The greatest of all commandment in the Bible is, “Love your God with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your mind”, (Matthew 22:37-38). In the same manner, we are to love ourselves as well as others.

We all prepare ourselves in various ways and more we serve more we can see ourselves be satisfied with it. Now this can be taken as a correct term that ‘the more you give the more you receive’.

My message is very simple, ‘this precious life is to be used in its right purpose, led by vision. We have different callings in life and it does signify that we all are valuable.’

Commencement of 2020

2020 is here and my heartfelt greeting and congratulations to all of you who are seeing this post and those of you are still looking somewhere else. happy and blessed new year to all. What has been there in the past has helped us to come this far and it is still gonna go way further than any of our imagination can comprehend it. Thanks to all the beautiful and skillful bloggers as well as faithful readers.

I want to say a big thanks to all the supporters and newcomers. We all seek to express ourselves, and here is this amazing platform that is truly doing a great job, kudos to “WORDPRESS”.

Let me just take you through my 2019 calendar year. The past decade, especially 2019 as a whole year has helped me learn to be patient. As far as I retrospect, I could see my awesome God and His faithfulness wrapped me in His immense love. My life is shaped by what I feed myself with. As we know there is a famous saying as, “We become what we love. What we put first in our lives is what we receive from life.” There is more than myself in life as I believe and it is wholly blessed by the grace of God. Here is something that helped me throughout my 2019 and still carrying its massive power in this year as well.

Bible is very specific in Philippians 4:6-7, “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayers and supplication, with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.” This is what I require daily, and the next verse reads as, “and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your heart and mind through Jesus Christ”, gives me the completeness.

Finally, I would like to let you all hear my vision and purpose for this year is that, “Knowledge and understanding are the two most important part of my life and here I am offering my life experience and learning to emit and share it.”

Story of my life

As I managed to pass through a day
Hearing from heaven its sweet grace
Recurring the deposit of work
And receiving more time to stay.

Here and now I want to have
Everything the world can offer
I want to prosper and proffer
Is what my life used to be.

I hear every now and then
How as a human we’d rob others
Killed few and dejected our own
And become greedy for more.

Then I heard a message of love and grace
Hearing the Bible say a savior is born
He calls me His own
We are here for a stay and then go.

I could not understand
Love, and what it is
Why Jesus loves me
Out of the billions and rich of the world?

Simple but confirmed I prayed
My eyes are open and
My heart is being changed
My heavenly father loves me, this is all I say.

©  by Subimal Banerjee.
Bangalore, India.

Made whole

One point ends
Where the passage of the time stops
Run a marathon is gone
Bystanders laugh and mock
I am still
No words come out.

Even so, few breaths are left
Swinging to the other part again
Passage for the cross
Between those who received value
With the highest price.

Never mind
Where I had started
If you would know
How low those moments were
How sullen were my thoughts?

Here is a daybreak
The other night’s dreams are gone
New buds are rising
With the light and hope.

The one who knew me before
He didn’t judge me
He cleaned me again
He refreshes my soul
And I made a whole

© by Subimal Banerjee.

Your grace upon me

God and His expression
Unchanging with precision
keeping the world with its foundation
And holding it on top.

Grace upon grace and
My confidence upon Your truth
The flow that is flawless
Is Your forgiveness beside You.

You are the truth, the way and life
And now I came to realize
My quest for meaning
Is found in Your words.

Fellowship and Your guiding hand
World and it’s true relevance
Beauty mixed with Your essence
Is where my life belongs.

I am resting assured
In Your promises which endures
Because You are faithful to Your promise
And I am in awe of You.